Information for Coaches

It is apparent that some questions about sport psychological support (e.g. Where do I find experts for sport psychological support? What does a sport psychological consultation cost?) are equally relevant for athletes and coaches.

Therefore, we encourage coaches to read the column "Information for Athletes" as well. The following questions refer exclusively to coaches.

"Coach the Coach" or sport psychological support for coaches. What's that?

The sport psychological support for coaches is about themes such as leading, communication, and effective coaching. Experts for sport psychological support in elite sport more often undertake the role of an optimiser. That means, the general goal of each "Coach the Coach" method is to support the coaches, so that athletes and/or coaches may invoke their full potential.

Therefore, sport psychological experts give support with specific and systematic work on mental strength and development of leadership and coaching competences for coaches. Many coaches do many things right intuitively which is why sport psychological experts support them with systematising, arraying and continuing their approaches.

What about the collaboration between coaches and sport psychological experts?

Coaches and sport psychological experts work together in a partnership. It has been proven that the sport psychological experts as part of the functional team ought to be seen as specialists on the field of psychological and mental strength. This supports the integration of sport psychological work as a normal part of elite sport (similar to different fields such as the involvement of experts in training of endurance or coordination). Oftentimes, the exchange between sport psychological experts and coaches do establishes useful variations for the training of mental strength (e.g. simulation of competitive tokens).

Sport psychology in advanced training and further education for coaches

Sport psychology is an important element on all levels of the further educational programs of coaches. In the field of their training, coaches get a practice-oriented know-how for sport psychological support in elite sport. Issues and priorities of coaching are based on individual needs. Accordingly, general topics such as leadership, communication, and coaching are covered, as well as special topics such as dealing with parents or with young people in sensitive developmental stages (e.g. puberty).

Experienced and qualified experts for advanced training are noted on the expert database of the Federal Institute for Sport Science (BISp).