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Sports Psychology Portal of the Federal Institute for Sports Science (BISp) with a lot of useful information on applied sports psychology.

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Diagnostic portal of the Federal Institute for Sports Science (BISp) with standardized test drives for sports psychological performance and potential diagnostics:

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IMental Strengthened initiative on mental health in competitive sports at the German Sport University in Cologne:

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Overview of the Olympic bases in Germany. Sports psychological support is one of the basic services here.

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Cooperation asp and SCHUHFRIED

In 2019, the German Society of Psychology concluded a cooperation agreement with the internationally oriented SCHUHFRIED GmbH based in Austria to support (prospective) sports psychology experts in competitive sports in the sense of the asp. As part of the so-called start-up program, psychologists and sports scientists are to be supported in offering digital sports psychological diagnostics after the asp certification as sports psychological experts in competitive sports.

After registration, interested parties receive all tests and test sets of the Vienna Test System (WTS) in the SPORT area free of charge for 12 months. During this period, the tests and test sets can be tried out as often as you like with different groups of people. Participation in the start-up program ends automatically for the sports psychology experts when the software licenses expire and is not associated with any further obligations.

The following participation requirements apply to participation in the SCHUHFRIED GmbH "start-up program" within the framework of the signed agreement:

  • current asp member
  • Receipt of the asp certificate as a sports psychology expert within the last 5 years (date of confirmation by the asp)
  • Use of the WTS exclusively in self-employment (additional employment without use of the free WTS is permitted)
  • Participation in the online tutorial on the WTS
  • New customer of the WTS
  • If these requirements apply to you and you are interested in participating in the start-up program, you will find further information on registering at www.schuhfried.at/startup.