About the asp

Information about the asp

The German Association of Sport Psychology (asp) represents the interests of sport psychology in university and non-university areas, primarily in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It currently has 580 full members (as of Nov.2023). The aim of the society is the promotion and further development of sports psychology in research, teaching and in the fields of application of competitive, popular, school and health sports. This is done, for example, by:

  • Suggestion and professional support for sport psychological research, teaching and application as well as statements on relevant questions
  • Promoting the exchange of information about sport psychological findings and procedures, especially within the framework of scientific conferences and publications
  • Dissemination of news from the field and information of the public
  • Promotion of young scientists, in particular through advanced training measures
  • awarding of prizes

The asp is recognized as a non-profit organization. It is entered in the register of associations of the district court of Mannheim (VR 330372).