Further Education

The field of applied sport psychology is characterized by heterogeneous professional biographies regarding the experts working in it. This applies to the various further education and training programs of the experts after their academic degree.
As a result, a unified and independent assessment of the further educational programs and development in terms of a continuous quality assurance is very important. The certification committee works on this task. The certification committee is build of members of associate partner organisations of the asp in competitive sports (including BISp, zks). The aim of the certification committee is to update the further educational programs of applied sport psychology according to the current state of art of science and practice. You can find more information about the certification committee on the website. 

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  • For sports psychology experts
  • For lecturers in applied sports psychology

For sports psychology experts

Examination of already completed training and further education

For lecturers in applied sports psychology

Submission of advanced training offers:

Training form (German)