Sport psychological expertise in competitive sport

Below you will find some information about the topic of sports psychological expertise in competitive sports.

Ethical guidelines and self-conception

The asp has formulated ethical guidelines for sports psychological advice and support as well as a statement on the self-image of sports psychology in Germany.

The occupation "sports psychologist"

The occupation psychologist can only be acquired by people having successfully passed studies of psychology (diploma or master degree) (for further information click:

This does not include the title of sports psychologist.
The asp is in a close communication with the bdp on this issue.

Quality criteria for the sports psychological support in the field of top-level sport

Just as for other training and support services the sports psychological counseling and support in professional and top-level sports has to meet the requirements for excellence, quality and reliability. The BISp, the German Olympic Sports Confederation and the asp have therefore defined criteria as guidelines and recommendations on qualifications and training, for quality assurance of practical psychological work in professional sports. A person must demonstrate this kind of quality work in performance-oriented sports or on federal funding (co-financedsport psychological support activities) to be allowed to exercise in professional sports.

Therefore, the following requirements are applicable:

  • a university degree (MA/diploma) in psychology, sports science, master in sports psychology or accredited academical master or diploma degrees in comparable subjects. Graduates of different subjects or persons without accredited university degree on a masters level do not get approved.
  • basic competence in the field of sports psychology and psychology (each minimum 50 UE)
  • expertise competence in the field of sport psychological training and/or sport psychological coaching (minimum 100 UE)
  • verificaton of minimum 100 hrs of sports psychological practice in performance orientated sport under supervision at each focus (sports psychological training or coaching)

Persons, who fulfill this criteria, are allowed to be called "sports psychological expert" (asp-Curriculum elite sport) and get acknowledged by the asp, BISp and DOSB. (Source:

Expert database of sports psychology (BISp)

The expert database sports psychology of BISp contains qualified and experienced persons for the psychological support and counseling of top-level athletes in elite sport. For admission all of the previously named quality criteria for sports psychological support in elite sport must be fulfilled. 

Here is the link for the admission criteria.

Diagnostic portal of sports psychology (BISp)

The diagnostic portal of sports psychology of the BISp contains standardised sport psychology tests from various fields (among others: motivation and volition). 

Here is the link for the diagnostic portal.