Practice & education

Practice & education

Applied sports psychology

Applied sports psychology uses scientifically based methods to sustainably optimize the mental performance requirements of athletes and coaches. According to the asp, serious and sustainable applied sports psychology usually follows a three-step process of diagnostics, intervention and evaluation.

Mental and physical health is the basis for any positive and sustainable performance development. That is why sports psychology experts also support clients in coming back into harmony with themselves and what they are doing. On this basis, the diverse goals within and outside of sport can be achieved in a healthy manner and new challenges can always be tackled.



Since 2008 there have been sports psychology master's programs at German universities and technical colleges. The aim of the courses is to impart basic and applied knowledge of sports psychology and to provide students with specific sports psychology skills with regard to the professional field in the performance and/or health sector. Admission requirements for the application are at least a BA degree in psychology or sports science. Some courses are subject to tuition fees. There may also be an internal university numerus clausus. Find out more from the contact persons on site.

The two above-mentioned courses were recognized in 2021 as equivalent to the asp Curriculum Competitive Sport.

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