Master Degree Programs

Since 2008, you can find master degree courses and programs of sport psychology at German universities and colleges. The aim of the courses is to teach basic and applied knowledge of sport psychology and to provide students with specific sport psychological skills in relation to the subsequent employment.  Admission requirement for the application should be at least a bachelors degree in psychology or sports science. 

Studiengang Angewandte Sportpsychologie (M.A.) der Martin-Luther-Universität Halle

Studiengang Sportpsychologie (M.Sc.) an der BSP Business School Berlin

The two above-mentioned courses were recognized in 2021 as equivalent to the asp Curriculum Competitive Sport.


After completing these two courses at the University of Halle and the BSP, we will provide you with a fee of €250 plus VAT. gladly issue the certificate of sports psychology expert for the expert database and the BISp.

Studiengang Psychology in Sport and Exercise (M.Sc.) an der DSHS Köln

Studiengang Sport and exercise psychology (M.Sc.) an der Universität Leipzig