Certification Commitee

The certification commitee of the asp aims to optimise the further educational programs in applied sport psychology. This concerns questions of the admission or questions about the optimisation of further educational programs in sports performance and health. This includes, among other things, that all contents be kept up to date continuously with regard to scientific and practical knowledge.



Ordinary members of the certification commitee are:

  • 1 x Representative of the Federal Institute of Sports Science (BISp)
  • 1 x Representative of the Central Support Service Sports Psychology (DOSB / zks)
  • 2 x Representative of the Executive Board of asp 

The members with guest status are:

  • 1 x Representative of the Section of Sport Psychology in the Faculty of Business Psychology at the Association of German Psychologists (BDP)
  • 1 x Representative  of the initiative "Mental Gestaerkt"
  • 1 x Representative of the ÖBS (Austrian network of sportpsychologists)
  • 1 x Representative of the SASP (Swiss Associaton of sportpsychology)
  • 1 x Representative of the DFB (German Football Association)

Central tasks

The training advisory board has the following tasks

  • The continuous review and, if necessary, adjustment and/or modification of the content of training and further education in sports psychology based on the current state of science and practice
  • The control and verification of the criteria for the degree "sports psychology expert (asp curriculum competitive sport)" according to the guidelines of the asp
  • The specification of framework guidelines for all framework curricula in the training curricula on a structural and content level
  • The preparation and discussion of decision papers to the asp executive committee

Other tasks can be assigned by the asp executive committee in consultation with the advisory board.

Guidelines asp Training Advisory Board for Competitive Sport for download

Here you will find the guidelines of the training advisory board. (German) Richtlinien des Ausbildungsbeirats.

The policy was modified during the February 2016 board meeting,
You can find the modified version of the guidelines here: Guidelines (German)

The guidelines were modified again on May 4, 2016 by a decision of the Executive Committee,
the version is available as a pdf for download here: Guidelines (German) 

Another modification was decided unanimously by the Executive Committee on September 13, 2016
and can be viewed here as a pdf for download: Guidelines (German) 

On March 4th, 2018, the guidelines were modified once again by a decision of the Executive Committee
and can be viewed as a pdf for download here: Guidelines (German)